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Project Status

Help a Life Foundation is both a United States and Ethiopian non profit organization.
Help a Life Foundation has officially become both a United States and Ethiopian Non Profit Organization. The first Learning Center has been built in Debre Markos, Ethiopia along with having leased a 60 girl housing compound which has the first, second and third group of orphan girls living there. All living conditions such as food, clothing, medical and tutorials are covered by HALF.
6 local teachers are giving daily specialized tutorials in English, Computers, Science and Math with the girls grades improving dramatically to the point the girls are now showing the highest grades in Debre Makros and the surrounding towns.
80% of the orphan girls in Project Blue are focused on seeking a future in the Medical field and are given every tool possible to do so.
2014 will see the first group of girls graduating from High School. Most will go on to the Universities while others will be trained and placed in our self sustaining projects.

The sustainability aspect of Project Blue has commenced with a 1000 chicken poultry farm. The Hammer Grain Mill is also operational and is providing the grain for the poultry project and also being sold in the local market as animal feed. (Please go to this web sites Self Sustaining Projects Icon for more detailed information).
Both projects are generating a profit that is going directly towards the living expenses of the Project Blue orphan girl program.
An Internet Cafe along with other self sustaining projects are being planned and will be operational within 2014. We estimate a total financial self sufficiency for all the operation expenses of the girls living expenses within 2 years with these and other projects being planned and implemented.
Project Blue girls at home

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