Self-Sustaining Enterprises:

Our Project Blue Girls Academy in Debre Markos will be completely self-sufficient within two years!  We have developed two commercial projects with a third one on its way in which all of the profits will be used to support the Academy. Funded primarily through Rotary International and managed by the girls themselves these businesses will eventually ensure the Academy’s stability and viability. Additionally, these businesses provide job training for the girls and a supply of locally sourced goods and services for the surrounding community. Our success is due to our integration into the local Ethiopian community by working with residents and the municipality who granted us the land to operate. We need your continued financial support for the next two years for our general Academy operations while we establish these new and exciting revenue-generating projects.



  • Our poultry and egg production business is the only such operation in the area and has been welcomed with much excitement. The closest egg laying poultry farm is a 4 hours drive from Debre Markos. This enterprise will serve the needs of the cities 74,000 people, 11 hotels, an 8,000-student university, a police academy and an academy/teachers vocational school.
  • The facility is fully operational and will shortly have 1,000 egg-laying hens providing approximately 500 eggs daily. At capacity it should yield approximately 14,000 eggs per month. The eggs are sold in the local market at 12 cents each totaling $1,600 USD per month.
  • This project was designed and implemented with the support of the University of Debre Markos Agricultural Department, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture. Various US sponsors made a three-year $65,000 USD financial commitment to support this project.



  • As the only animal feed grinder mill within 250 miles, it will supply our foundation and about 7,000 local farmers. This will significantly impact the availability and quantity of accessible feed resources helping alleviate supply constraints. The animal feed produced will provide food for our poultry hens and be bagged for sale in the local market. All of the raw grains for grinding in the mill will be purchased from local farmers providing them additional income. We are currently building the structure that will house the grinder and will be fully operational by the end of 2013.


Product-Animal Feed Processing machinery


Few people in Debre Markos can afford to buy a computer and there are limited places where students can access the internet, an essential tool for learning. The internet café will provide a unique space for people to gather, access to the webs information and learning resources and the opportunity to build essential computer literacy skills while providing additional funding for the Academy. We have completed the design blueprints along with the budget. 
Donations for the Internet Café are much needed to bring this project to fruition by October 2013.
The internet café will feature:

  • Technology room with 8 computers, printers, and computer literacy classes,
  • Food and drink service including traditional Ethiopian cuisine, pizza, sandwiches and various beverages,
  • Art night/live music and Karaoke sound system/poetry readings, 
  • Televised soccer matches/movies/music videos on a wide screen TV
  • Play Station for video games.

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