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Girls Stories:

My name is Sawareg Alemayheu.
I was born and raised in the city Amanueal. I lost my mother to malaria when I was in 9th grade. I was deeply sad and went to live with my god-mother. I continued my education. However, I did not have enough time to spend on my studies, as I had to sell tea and bread to help support the family. Then, I heard of an opportunity to go into an orphanage. I signed up for the lottery and won. I moved to the orphanage and continued with my education. At the end of 10th grade I took qualifying exam but got low score. Consequently, I could not continue with secretarial science studies.
Today, I am the caretaker of the girls in Project Blue. Because Help a Life is so interested in education, I have decided to go to University and study Business. Thank you Help a Life for this opportunity to be somebody and your support to take care of me and my University costs.

My name is Banechayehu Wale.
I am the daughter of Mr Wale Zeewde and Mrs Yeserash Dellel, was born on May 12th 1986 (Ethiopian date), in Kebel Shelel Bemeit in Amannuael town.
I lost my mother at the age of five. While living with my father, at the age of 7,I entered 1st grade at Shelal Primary school. When i entered 4th grade, I lost my father in a horrific way. Having a younger brother to look after it was a struggle to live our lives and everything seemed dark.
As a result I quit school for a year. As we could not even fulfill our basic necessities with our lives, we were taken in by our uncle. I was allowed to re-start school. Even though I started school again, due to heavy workload I was not able to focus on my school work. My grades started to drop and I started crying and feeling like I had no hope for my life.
After struggling all the way to 8th grade I discovered that there as no secondary school in my town, so I came to Amanuael. Consequently, I heard a call to register to a school for orphans and gladly registered. After making into the school I came to Debre Macros.
After moving to the school, I am now living a much better life than before. I can now talk about my past as history. I wish to study hard for my future and after school work as a professional for a governmental body and wish for a better life.
Thank you, Help a Life.

My name is Etagegnehu Minwagaw.
I was born on XXX12, 1987 (Eth Calendar) in east Gojam in the district of Machabel.
I lost my mother in 1999 (Eth Colanders). As a result I couldnt continue my education. Since I was the only girl in the family, I was given the entire household responsibilities. Even though I had a lot of work at home I still went to school but could not retain much. My grades started to slide down. When I entered 4th grade, I decided to do less of the house work and focus on my school and did well up to grade 8th. I couldnt go to high school as my family was poor.
As I was thinking on how to solve the problem, I heard of an opportunity to register for Help a Life Foundation for orphan kids. I was lucky enough to get selected and went to Debre Markos. Now, I have food, shelter and clothing. I am also studying hard so I can be an example to others. I would like to thank the foundation for giving me this opportunity to have a good life.

My name is Nesanet Messelu.
I would like to tell you a little bit about my life now and then. Before I came to Help a Life Foundation, I had a miserable life. I lost my mother and father to illness and I did not have the basic necessities. I could not concentrate at school because I was hungry all the time.
Blessed be God, now that my basic needs have been met, I have been doing much better at school. When I finish my education I would like to become a language teacher, so I can teach my fellow people different languages. Thank you, Help a Life!

My name is Biruktite Alehegne.
I am the daughter of Mr Alehegn Asrese and Mrs Birhan Sewenet was born on September 12, 1988 (Ethiopia Calendar) in the city of Mota, kebele 01.
Death robbed me of both my parents when I was one year old. I started living with my grandmother.
Then when I turned 6, I started going to school. I was an average student from grade 1-6. My grandmother was to selling Tella (local drink) to support us. As she got older and did not have anybody else in the house, I started helping more with the house work. I started losing interest in school when I got to 7th grade because I use to get so tired from all the work I was doing during the day and in the evening I would just fall asleep instead of going to school. My grades were slipping but I somehow made it to 8th grade.
In eighth grade, I registered for a chance to go to an orphanage. At the end of the school year I was told that I was going to go to Debre Markos, to join Help a Life Foundation. On September 29, I arrived at the foundation. There I made a lot of friends and I was very happy. In the future, I plan to go to university. Now I have worry free and happy life.
Thank you very much, Help a Life!

My name is Sofia.
Im a very happy person because of the tremendous change that  Help a life Foundation has made in my life. Before I came to the foundation I had a harsh existence and my basic needs were not met. Both of my parents had died and left me in charge of living on my own. Neighbors took care of me. This made going to school very difficult.
Today, I have food and shelter and Im also going to school. I am working hard on chemistry and biology because when I finish high school.
I want to go to college to become a doctor.
I would like to thank Help a Life Foundation for all that it has given me.

My name is Etenesh Molla.
I am 16 years old and I come from Bibugn Woreda. My father died of Malaria and my mother I never met because she died while having me. Before joining HALF, I used to make and sell traditional alcohol 'Katikala' to earn a living. I had a very difficult life making the alcohol and selling it in the local market. I had to walk 3 hours to school and did not have any money to buy clothes only enough for food. I was given a chance to join HALF and am very grateful. Now, I only have to study and realize my dream of becoming a doctor.

My name is Yabundej Esenew.
I am 16 years and I came from Bibugne Wodreda. Before I came to live at the group home of HALF, I was working on a farm doing a hard labor job and was going to school in a far away place and didn't have much time to study because of work. I had to look after my 2 brothers and 2 sisters because both of my parents had died. After entering HALF group home last year, my grades have gone up and I have hope again to live a life with an opportunity.

My name is Tamralech Balemlay.
I am 16 years old and I come from Digo Tsion. I walked 3 hours every day to go to school which was difficult because I had to work very hard when I was not going to school and did not have any time to study. I was making and selling coffee and tea, washing clothes and any other work I could find to earn a living. After coming to HALF, I have more time to develop my knowledge and skills and finally have an opportunity to become a doctor.

My name is Sinmegn Mekonnen.
I am 18 years old and come from Amanuel Woreda. Before coming to HALF 4 years ago, I was working on the farmland to support my family. I spent most of the time on work and that has left me with no study time. After coming to the HALF project, I was able to focus on my school attentively and all my basic needs have been fulfilled . My grades are the top grades of all the schools in Debre Markos and the surrounding towns and I have been receiving recognition awards each year plus the University of Debre Markos offered me a full summer scholarship before my High School work has been completed. I am now on my last year of precollege where I am working hard to join the medical field in 2015. Thank you Help a Life Foundation for the opportunity and the continued support to help me achieve mine and all the other girls in the projects dreams.

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